Places to Eat in Rome


Places to Eat in Rome

Not just about the taste The places to eat in Rome Italy are vast, but it is not just about the taste of the delicious food choices in this romantic city that is so enticing. The experience of the sights and sounds are also part of what makes the places to eat in Rome a truly unique experience. So Many Choices There are…

The Land of Churches
The Land of Churches

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7 interesting facts about the Vatican

The Vatican has lots of things to offer tourists There are plenty of things for visitors to see and find out when they go to visit the Vatican. There are churches, pieces of art, museums, and St Peters Square are all attractions that draw tourists in their droves to the Vatican. Not only does the Vatican attract tourists it also attracts worshipers that…

Rome’s Luxurious Hotels

Rome, Italy is home to fascinating architecture, amazing food, and historic sites. It also hosts millions of visitors each year who come to tour to city and experience its culture. Rome has a number of excellent five-star hotels and accommodation open to travelers. Here are some of the top luxury hotels in Rome. The Inn At The Roman Forum The Inn At The…