7 interesting facts about the Vatican

7 interesting facts about the Vatican

7 interesting facts about the Vatican

The Vatican has lots of things to offer tourists

There are plenty of things for visitors to see and find out when they go to visit the Vatican. There are churches, pieces of art, museums, and St Peters Square are all attractions that draw tourists in their droves to the Vatican.

Not only does the Vatican attract tourists it also attracts worshipers that want to visit the city that is at the heart of the Roman Catholic, and to experience seeing the Pope. Whatever the motivation for going to the Vatican there is a great deal to see there, and plenty of things that people can learn while they are there.

Here are your 7 interesting facts about the Vatican

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  1. Vatican City is the smallest state in the world that is recognized internationally as such. It has the smallest population in the world of 842, and as everyone living there is an ordained Roman Catholic priest who take vows of celibacy it is the only country in, which nobody is ever born in.

  1. The Pope is the head of the Vatican State as well as been the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and many of the most devout Catholics aim to visit the Vatican at least once in their life time. The number of visitors to the city will often peak during the most important Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter. More worshipers visit then to hear the Pope deliver a sermon. The Pope will give a sermon every Sunday, often in many different languages to reflect the global following the Roman Catholic church has.
  1. The Vatican generates all its revenue from selling postage stamps, postcards, and tickets into museums. It also sells a wide variety of books. The museums in the Vatican are always popular because of the exceptionally high quality of the art and sculptures on display there.
  1. Most people think of St Peter’s Basilica whenever they hear mention of the Vatican. This church was rebuilt from the beginning of the 1500’s when Pope Julius II decided the previous one was not elegant to befit its use.
  1. The Vatican is one of the best places to visit if you want to see Renaissance art at its best. There is the Sistine chapel plus the St Peter’s Basilica itself.

  1. The status of the Vatican as a distinct and independent state was recognized by the Lataran Treaty of 1929. This ended an uneasy relationship between the Papacy and the Italian monarchy that had existed since the unification of Italy.
  1. For around 80 years the Vatican was not the home of the Papacy, as it was moved to Avignon in Southern France. The Holy See did not return until 1377, and there often two rival Popes up to 1415.


Still tempted in visiting?

So are you still interested in visiting the Vatican after finding out a bit more about it. There is plenty to see, visit, and do should you decide to visit the Vatican. Perhaps you fit a visit in if you were visiting Rome in any case.

Rome is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world, and it perhaps always will be. It’s a huge part of the modern creation story, so to speak, and a lot of people are interested in Rome. It really is a beautiful place, and so are all of the surrounding cities that people could visit. The landscaping is beautiful.

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