Can I get American food in Rome?

Yes, there is a large number of American restaurants in Rome. A few American restaurants in Rome include Grandma’s Kitchen, situated near the University of Rome, L’Hamburgeria di Eataly, the T-Bone Station and Roadhouse Grill, among others. In addition, specialty stores and even supermarkets are now stocking American foods like oatmeal, and condiments such as ketchup.

Where can I stay for under $150 per night in Rome?

There a many helpful online tips on suitable accommodation for visitors in Rome, as well alerts on cheap bargains, depending on booking date and period of stay. The Top Secret Hotel located near the Termini Central Station in the City Centre is a great choice with high ratings from previous guests. The Marcella Royal Hotel, also situated at the City Centre offers a friendly bargain price per night. The Residenza Ludovisi also makes for a great choice for a low price per night. There are numerous alternative options, and tour advisors would be a great source of information and tips on cheap accommodation in the city.

What is the best way to travel around Rome?

Rome has an excellent and convenient underground railway system that will take you to most tourist destinations. However, the trains tend to be crowded, and most announcements are in Italian hence a local Tour Guide would come in handy. The city also has a broad network of buses and trams. In addition, there are Taxis that charge a fixed price from the airport to any destination in Rome. The ticketing system in Rome is convenient, and offers passengers a variety of options such as tickets valid for a number of days or hours.

What fancy Italian restaurants can I eat at in Rome?

Rome offers stylish modern restaurants and magnificent views of the City, to give gourmet lovers memorable dining experiences. Top Italian restaurants include The Casa Maestoso, Likeat, Pinsere Roma, Ciacco&Bacco, Bitch Le Zaccolette and Borgo 139. These restaurants offer varied, delicious flavors and excellent quality at friendly prices. Many of these restaurants are also known for their sumptuous pizza menus, and guests are treated to authentic Italian cuisine and culinary culture.

Does the Vatican provide tours?

The Vatican provides tours, conducted by official Vatican tour guides. These tours are either walking tours, or open bus tours. The greatest tourist attractions include the Vatican Museums, Basilica of Saint Peter, Vatican Gardens and Archeological sites such as Necropolis and San Giovanni Excavations. The tours also include the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps, the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms.